REVIEW: Committed to keeping things simple

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SLOW FOOD. Small footprint. Portion size. Grass-fed beef. These are all buzz words we’ve been hearing a lot about – especially in Marin.

Louise Clow-Birkenseer has taken them all to heart. The Terra Linda resident and mother of two has brought her philosophy together under the one small roof of her newly opened Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed.

I don’t typically use the words adorable and cute when I describe a restaurant, but Weezy’s (the name comes from Birkenseer’s childhood nickname Breezy Weezy) is just that.

Situated on a patch of parking lot shared with Scotty’s Market, the mini building, which sports posts that jut out of aluminum pails with tufts of grass, seems a perfect fit for the family centric locale. A public swimming pool sits across the street. Clow-Birkenseer hopes to attract crowds of hungry swimmers who can sit inside or out to enjoy her menu of hamburgers and a choice of sweet potato or French fries.

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