REVIEW: Perfect Sized Burgers

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Weezy’s is a great burger (grass fed) joint with absolutely killer fries. It’s located in its own little building complete with open air dining counter and outside tables in the strip shopping center diagonally across the street from the Terra Linda Community Pool. It’s been around for about 18 months and seems to have built a loyal following; around dinner time you see parents stopping in to pick up big orders for take-away.

Their burgers are tiny – just a couple of inches in diameter, which I like because that way I can order two different kinds, and they are not so big that they are a complete mess to eat.

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REVIEW: Juicy and Perfectly Cooked

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Many great ideas have been born when people have looked around and seen something lacking in their household, neighborhood or town. Such is the case with Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed. Louise Clow-Birkenseer (“Weezy”) lives in the sleepy San Rafael neighborhood of Terra Linda and hated having to drive to grab a decent burger.

Combine that with her desire to contribute to the community and her belief that good quality food should be available to everyone at a fair price—and Weezy’s was born. Weezy uses Prather Ranch beef. The burgers are slider-sized, which is a nice excuse to try a few.

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I’m a little late to the game, but I’m finally getting into the Best Food Writing 2009 anthology. It’s only been sitting on my nightstand for a few months. If you haven’t checked it out yet, there are some great, short pieces on everything from translating modern Indian cooking to an exploration of illegal, raw-milk cheese. Our of all of the work I’ve read so far (Disclaimer: I’m still not all that far into it), Tim Hayward’s short piece, “Too Much of a Mouthful” caught my attention. In it, he explores the current popularity of oversized portions–particularly in the U.K.

Interesting enough, I was finishing Hayward’s piece as I sat waiting for a friend on the patio of Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed in San Rafael. I’d heard about this place right when they opened from a friend who worked in the area. She boasted that they served Prather Ranch beef burgers for a mere $3.00. I argued with her about the impossibility of that statement, and she assured me that it was true but that they make it all work because the burgers are small.

Great. Perfect. I hate how sluggish I feel after a big burger, so I quickly find a fellow burger lover and we agree to meet for lunch and check it out.

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REVIEW: Committed to keeping things simple

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SLOW FOOD. Small footprint. Portion size. Grass-fed beef. These are all buzz words we’ve been hearing a lot about – especially in Marin.

Louise Clow-Birkenseer has taken them all to heart. The Terra Linda resident and mother of two has brought her philosophy together under the one small roof of her newly opened Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed.

I don’t typically use the words adorable and cute when I describe a restaurant, but Weezy’s (the name comes from Birkenseer’s childhood nickname Breezy Weezy) is just that.

Situated on a patch of parking lot shared with Scotty’s Market, the mini building, which sports posts that jut out of aluminum pails with tufts of grass, seems a perfect fit for the family centric locale. A public swimming pool sits across the street. Clow-Birkenseer hopes to attract crowds of hungry swimmers who can sit inside or out to enjoy her menu of hamburgers and a choice of sweet potato or French fries.

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Review: NOT your run-of-the mill burger!

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All across America and especially here on the West Coast, the Slow Food movement is in full swing. Eating organic and locally grown food is the new black. Such is the case at the new burger startup Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed where their slogan is “Slow Food – Faster.” Louise Clow-Birkenseer recently opened up the small shop after being frustrated with the burger options in the small Marin County community.

Weezy’s shed is tucked away in the far corner of a small suburban shopping center that is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Despite the off-the-beaten-path location, they do a brisk business. Their menu, cleverly printed on a 1950’s Formica tabletop, is all about burgers made from grass fed beef. These aren’t your typical big ol’ fat burgers, instead they are 1/8th lb. mini burgers, what most people call sliders. I am happy that Weezy’s doesn’t refer to their mini burgers as sliders because I have an issue with burgers being called sliders. Where the hell did that term come from and what does it have to do with hamburgers? For some reason, the first thing that comes to my mind is laxative, and that isn’t a pleasant thought.

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Weezys-Shed: Old Fashioned Delicious Hamburgers

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People are wacky for Weezy’s!







Instead of complaining about a dearth of healthy, appropriately portioned, burger joints, Louise Clow-Birkenseer opened her own.  The emphasis is on healthful ingredints: natural beef from Prather Ranch,  fries (white and sweet) are cooked in rice bran oil. Prather Ranch, by the way, if known as a certified supplier of grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef, and officially known for its certified organic and natural beef production.

The sell here is size, from the small cozy space to the burgers themselves, little enough to be just right for youngsters and justifying more than one for adults. (That way there’s a chance to try more than one of the different burger types.)  The family-operated establishment is an asset for the family-focused Terra Linda community.

  Incredible Hamburgers with the best beef and great fries!  But hard to find!






Weezy’s shed is almost hidden in the far corner of a small strip shopping center, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood!  Despite the off-the-beaten-path location, they do a brisk business.  To add to the family ambiance even more, there is a public swimming pool across the street — and who doesn’t want a good burger and fries when spending the day at the pool!

If you ask around, you will learn that Weezy’s is famous for its smaller sized buns.  But don’t let that food you – it is a perfect portion size to fill a child, and most adults, especially when combined with the delicious fresh-cooked fries!  But if it isn’t enough, it is a good excuse to order a second burger to make sure you don’t leave hungry.

Weezys-Shed - The Best Old Fashioned Burgers - Eat more beef!







The menu is always handy, since it is made into the top of the tables!  Since so many restaurants forget to wipe their menus, this is a great idea — tables always get wiped!

The items on the menu are like the restaurant itself – unique.  You can choose a White Trash Burger (with Thousand Island dressing), the Mmmmmmm Burger or the B-Rad with Tillamook Cheese and bacon or even the Contiki that comes with pineapple and Teriyaki sauce.

And of course, there is the Moo-Less Burger … need I clarify that this is the the vegetarian selection???






Weezy’s is located at
621 Del Ganado Rd,
San Rafael, CA.
Tel: 415-479-7433
We haven’t moved!  Terra Linda (our old address) is now San Rafael, so don’t worry – we are still here in the place you enjoyed! Be sure to check out our facebook page!