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The 2 Secrets To Winning at Local Search SEO

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I’m obsessed with how little value restaurant operators and owners place on location data accuracy. They’ll tell me that they were just featured on [insert] media site or just had some influencer post their signature dish on Instagram and it got … Continue reading →

Unless you are a local diner, your answer should never be “everyone.” But what’s the question? “Who is your restaurant’s target customer?” Restaurant marketing is just like being an air-force fighter pilot (stay with me): If you can pick your target … Continue reading →

Your bar needs an upgrade. You know it, I know and the customers who have chosen to take their business elsewhere know it. Maintenance and upkeep are hard enough with daily operations that the idea of an upgrade causes aneurysm … Continue reading →

How to Get Your Customers to Take Action

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CALLS TO ACTION My mother used to always say to me “don’t ask, don’t get.” She taught me the valuable lesson of learning to ask for things. They say the number one mistake sales people make is not asking for … Continue reading →

5 Easy to Avoid Location Data Mistakes

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Margins in the restaurant business are getting smaller and smaller every day, especially in densely populated areas like New York, Chicago and Boston. Rent is going up, the cost of food is getting more expensive, labor isn’t getting any cheaper, but … Continue reading →

Snapchat Is a Waste of Your Time and Here’s Why

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Here’s the best advice you’ll ever get about using Snapchat to market your restaurant; Don’t waste your time. Snapchat is an excellent, beautiful and very fun social network to use. It has a great audience. It’s very visual, it’s great … Continue reading →

Is your restaurant primarily known for Burgers? How about any other signature food item or a theme like sports? If so, you’re probably going about all your marketing wrong. That might be a little extreme. I’m willing to bet your closest … Continue reading →

Ziggy’s Eatery

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Ziggy’s Eatery – 195 Carlisle St, Balaclava , Victoria, Australia Burger: Cheeseburger Serviettes: 2 Dress Code: Casual Sleepiness: 10 minutes Would we recommend: If you’re in the area Price: $10.90 Summary Carlisle Street is on the up and up. At one time all it had going for it was one or two cafes and a […]

Changz Canteen

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Changz Canteen – 256 Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia Burger: Cheeseburger Serviettes: 5 Dress Code: Casual Sleepiness: 7 minutes Would we recommend: Definitely Price: $8 Summary History says, open a restaurant, then become famous for your ‘special’ sauce. The boys at Changz are flipping the script and have got themselves a wicked chilli game […]

St Burgs

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St Burgs – 4/41 Edgewater Blvd, Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia Burger: Double D Serviettes: 5 Dress Code: Casual Sleepiness: 17 minutes Would we recommend: Definitely Price: $9 Summary You don’t really just stumble on a place like St Burgs. Apart from a laundromat, it’s one of the only inhabited businesses at the bottom of an apartment […]